Super Finn

Finn Marsh: Superhero? Or super loser...
When Mr Patel asks his class what they'd like to be when they grow up, Finn (most famous for getting in trouble and doing stupid things) chooses 'superhero.'
Finn knows what he needs: superpowers, an enemy, a hideout, an outfit and ... oh yeah, to save someone's life. Impossible? Not with a sidekick like the amazing Brain.
Look out world, here comes Super Finn!


Finn needs to save a life, so he sponsors a World Vision Child.

Seymour just shakes his head. 'So have you two losers written a letter yet?
I blink. 'To who?'
'Umbaba, dimwit. You're supposed to write to him every month, remember? They'll get suspicious if the letters don't turn up.'
Ah, I'd forgotten about that. 'What do you write about to a starving person?'
Brain shrugs. 'We'll think of something.'
Twenty minutes later, Brain sits back in his chair, grinning. He waves his hands at the computer screen. 'What do you think?'
'Let's have a look ...'
Dead Umbaba,
'Dead? Don't you mean dear?'
'What?' he snatches the page off me. 'Oh, yeah. Spell check must've missed it because it's a real word.' He squints. 'The words do look the same.'
'I guess so.'
'I'll fix it later. Keep reading.'
Dead Umbaba,
Do you like Brussels sprouts? We had them for dinner last night. I wouldn't eat them and Mum said there were starving people in Africa who wouldn't say no. Tell me the truth – would you eat them?
Yours sincerely,
Brain Tully and Finn Marsh
'Not bad,' I say. 'Not bad at all.'
'Thanks,' he says, turning red.
'I'll write the next one.' I hit print and our ancient machine rattles into life. 'So, all we have to do now is make some money.'
'Right.' Brain pings the page. 'How hard can that be?'
I don't know, but I guess we're going to find out. Still if Brain's not worried, it's got to be a piece of cake. Right?
Or not.

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Super Finn win for Howick teacher
You can understand why the first-time children's book author felt that way. Her book "Super Finn" was a finalist in two categories, Best First Book and Best Junior Fiction Book, and in the latter group sat names like Barbara Else ("The Travelling Restaurant") and James Norcliffe ("The Loblolly Boy and Sorcerer") ... read more

Award winner wrote book for her pupils.
A South Auckland primary school teacher whose first novel won a New Zealand Post Children's book award is not expecting any special recognition from her pupils at school today. ... read more

Super Hero Wins Top Award.
Funny, but not too smart, trouble seems to follow Finn in class.When teacher Mr Patel asks the class to do a project on what they want to be when they grow up Finn chooses 'super-hero'.
Finn and his best mate Brain work together on a list of qualities Finn needs to get to become a superhero which includes; superpowers, help to save someone's life and a side kick. But even with all this planning, things go bad for the boys. They repeatedly get in trouble, and Finn's mother ends up extremely frazzled by his antics.
Finn gets upset when his mother explains that they cannot afford to sponsor their African child, Umbaba, any longer. He believes that Umbaba will die without their sponsorship money and so Finn decides to raise the money himself ... a superhero saving the life of another person. During his efforts he is chased by an old lady on a scooter, dresses as a girl, and even ropes in his big brother who helps out in his own way.
The reader suspects that starting up an illegal business at school may lead to the two boys visiting the principal's office. Will Finn raise enough money without getting caught and getting into trouble again?
With side-splitting humour and a fast-paced plot this story is prefect for the reluctant boy reader and will hook them in from the first page. Agnew is a fabulous voice within New Zealand children's writing and I look forward to recommending Super Finn to readers in the library.
Amanda McFadden, Tauranga, for Magpies Magazine, May 2011.

Newspaper article
Howick & Pakuranga Times, Monday 11 April 2011.

Finn and his best friend Brain, become involved in raising money to support a World Vision child in Africa when Finn has decided his school project on ambition will be to become a superhero by saving someone's life. This is a very funny story with moments of pathos written by someone who obviously understands the New Zealand school system well. Good Read aloud.
Around the Bookshops, May 2011.

Super Finn

Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award 2010
Storylines Notable Book Award 2012
New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2012, Junior Fiction
New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2012, Winner Children's Choice
New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2012, Best First Book Award
LIANZA Children's Book Awards 2012, Finalist Esther Glen Award

ISBN 9781869439996
Written by Leonie Agnew
Published by Scholastic 2011
Format: Paperback

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