Conrad Cooper's Last Stand

Conrad Cooper needs a favour. He's just found out about Tane, the god of the forest, who seems like the perfect guy to solve Conrad's family problems. After all, the more high-profile gods probably have huge waiting lists, right? In return, Conrad will do anything, no matter how much trouble it causes. But will a Maori god listen to the prayers of a Pakeha boy? And does Tane really exist?


I've never prayed to a god before, so hope this is okay. If I get it wrong, don't strike me down with a thunderbolt or anything – I'm just a kid. There's no jail for kids, just grownups, so maybe gods have the same rules, like it doesn't count until you're sixteen. Hope so.
Anyway, I would've said hi before, but I didn't know you existed until after lunch. That's when our teacher reads to the class. Today she pulled out a book with green letters on the front and said, 'Let's have a creation story, shall we? How about Rangi and Papa? It's all about Tane, the forest god and – Jasper Harris, stop sticking your fingers in Conrad's ears.'
Cool book.
Not that I need to tell you. You saw the start of the world, which was probably way better than reading about it. Bet it looked nothing like the pictures. I mean, you lifted the sky off the earth so your muscles must be huge. Do you lift weights?


Another Award for Author
PAKURANGA author Leonie Agnew has picked up another children's book award.
Ms Agnew won the Esther Glen Junior Fiction Award at the LIANZA (the NZ library association) Children’s and Young Adult's Book Awards in Wellington... read more

"It's not that unusual today, but if you go back to the 1970s or early 1980s, for a boy to take an interest in a different culture in certain parts of New Zealand it would have been quite surprising."
Conrad Cooper's Last Stand is set in Mission Bay during the time of the land occupation by political activists of Bastion Point in nearby Orakei.
"I didn't set out to write a historical novel, but I needed a time frame for the book's story that was unusual or controversial," says Ms Agnew. read more ...
Times Online 2014.

The Life Behind Conrad Cooper: A Chat with Leonie Agnew
Leonie Agnew stopped in for a cuppa at our office, the day of the LIANZA Children's Book Awards. She was excited that her latest junior fiction book, Conrad Cooper's Last Stand was among the finalists, but clearly didn't expect to win. Her stories are written between juggling her family life and her busy teaching role, and Conrad Cooper's Last Stand tackles some tough subjects through the eyes of a young boy. We decided to dig a little deeper into the writer who brought young Conrad to life... read more

Conrad Cooper's Last Stand

New Zealand Children's Book Awards 2015, Finalist Junior Fiction.
LIANZA Children's Book Awards 2015, Winner Esther Glen Award.

ISBN 9780143571193
Written by Leonie Agnew
Published by Puffin 2014
Format: Paperback

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